August 26, 2014: Forgot My iPhone Charger

Got up early this morning. Liesl sneaked into our bedroom against last night when she couldn’t sleep. She always falls asleep immediately when in our room. She has learned that Dominica doesn’t want her in bed so she knows to climb into bed on my side rather than trying to be between us and Dominica really doesn’t even know that she is there until morning. She is sneaky.

Got into the office on the early side today, but I forgot my iPhone Lightning charging cable which is incredibly annoying. I’ve only forgotten it two or three times in the past year and it is always a huge pain. I have only half of a battery this morning so I have to do something. Argh.

Went to Walmart this afternoon and got myself a backup charging cable for the iPhone.  How annoying but we really have needed a second one so it is not a waste.  Just annoying.  It was a fast trip, though.

This evening I did not get home until eight.  The girls had been busy all day on their Mesopotamia projects and had to show me all kinds of school work that they had done from making ziggurat pop up books to making paper boats that go down a river and all sorts of stuff.  They do fun, educational stuff all day long.

We just watched some 30 Rock until bed time.  Dominica made veggie chorizo and egg beaters for dinner.