August 29, 2014: House Rearranging

Today is a short day because of the holiday weekend.  I got in early and was pretty busy this morning.  At noon we had a luncheon at a tavern near the office where the food was awesome.  I had one of the best fish fries that I have had in a very long time.  Great fish and a great batter.  It is really too bad that this tavern is so far from the house because both Dominica and my dad would really like to get the fish and chips there.  They had good beer too and until recently they had had Shiner on tap.  I was very sad that that was no longer available.

Getting back from lunch the day was nearly over.  I had to do a little bit before leaving but was out of the office around two thirty, a very short day, especially when you consider the long luncheon at the tavern.

Dominica did not tell the girls that I was coming home early so it was a surprise when I came home.

Dominica took today to completely rearrange the house. She is finally embracing my theory that we have to just accept that the house is dedicated to having kids and trying to make it be something that it is not will just lead to unhappiness.

The big move was taking the girls’ bunkbed down from their bedroom to the basement where it is getting set up where Dominica’s desk used to be. We broke down her desk and gave up on it. It just gets piled up with stuff and is unusable. Time to face reality that it is not going to get used now that Dominica has a laptop in the living room and I have a desktop in the office upstairs. Since the girls stopped sleeping in the bunk bed long ago both because they were both getting bigger and because the big queen bed in their room is almost always set up and so much more comfortable it made sense to move it to the basement so that it can serve as a play house rather than as a bed.

Most of the toys from around the house were moved into the basement. Now the girls have more access to them while we have more access to open space in the house. The girls’ pop up café playhouse is up against the back door too which gets it out of the way as much as possible while letting them really play in it. Also it makes it full of sunlight during the day so that it is a lot more fun for them rather than just being a dark space in the middle of the house. They used to play with it against all of the huge, bright windows in Texas so this is a little bit more like how it was when they first got it.

The whole house is looking much better. Much more space and the ability to potentially keep it clean.

Luciana decided that she was going to sleep in the basement tonight. What a funny little girl. So early on in the evening she requested the iPad and went down to the bunk bed and put herself to bed in the basement! We couldn’t not believe it. She was asleep in no time and slept down there from probably eight thirty until two or three in the morning when she came upstairs on her own and went into her own room to go to bed there.