September 1, 2014: King’s Quest

We got to sleep in until after eight this morning.  Liesl wanted to play video games the moment that she was awake.  She is very excited about Quest for Glory that we started yesterday.  But I told her this morning that I thought that that game was looking like it was going to be too hard so we were going to go back to the original title and start with King’s Quest because I felt that it would be a lot easier for her.  She thought that that was a good idea and could not wait to get started on King’s Quest.

Dominica parents left late this morning.  Her dad and I loaded the old metal bedframe that had been out back since before we bought this house in NY.  They are taking it up to have the metal recycled back upstate since we have no good means of dealing with it down here.  That frame has been sitting out there for at least six or seven years, maybe many more.  We had no idea what it even was until recently.

As soon as they left, Liesl and Luciana ran upstairs so that we could start playing King’s Quest I: Quest for the Crown.  Liesl was so excited to get to play it.

Liesl did really well on her game.  She managed to play straight through it, with some help from me of course, in a single sitting from beginning to end while getting a perfect score!  It probably took her about three hours but I did not keep track so I am only guessing.  While she played I took some time and cleaned up Dominica and my bedroom which had become a bit of a mess.

Liesl was so excited to have played the entire game today.  She loved it and did really well at it.