September 13, 2014: Red Lobster Day

I slept in until seven thirty and then got up to work for a few hours.  I had office work to day so that took from the time that I got up until nearly eleven but then I was done.  So not too bad.   I did some work with Chef 12 as well this morning.

After I was done with work, the girls, who had been hanging out in the living room with dad all morning, begged me to play The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker for a while.  So I put in at least an hour doing that.  I am on the Earth Temple portion right now.  Making good progress.  Hopefully not too much of this game left.  Dominica went to the salon while we were gaming.

At one we loaded up the Acadia and headed out to go on a family outing to Red Lobster at Liesl’s request.  Liesl had decided two days ago that she missed Red Lobster’s cheesy biscuits and asked if we could go there.  Knowing that dad loves Red Lobster I figured that that would work well for this weekend.  We drove down to Scarsdale and went to the Red Lobster there.

The girls were incredibly well behaved today.  Absolute angels.  We were at lunch for a really long time and both girls stayed calm and quiet the whole time.  Unprecedented.  We were quite impressed.

After Red Lobster we went next door to Cold Stone Creamery.  The girls loved that.  They really liked watching their ice cream get mixed up for them.

Scarsdale is far enough away that that was rather a long outing.  We were gone for probably four hours.

Once we were back home we bought Disney’s Planes from Amazon VOD and started watching that.  We made it most of the way through but they had technical issues so we switched to watching Ghostbusters instead which Liesl had requested last night but we did not have enough time to watch.

There has been a lot of traffic on MangoLassi this week.  That has been great.  And very little of it has been me, I have been way too busy to be on very much.