October 13, 2014: Day Three in NY

I got up this morning with pretty much no idea what was going to be happening this week.  I had assumed that I would almost certainly be going into the office today for one reason or another but I waited a little while and then got the call that I did not need to come in today at all and would not be needed until early tomorrow afternoon around one.  So I got the day off at home!  That was awesome.

I did some work on things up in the bedroom for the first part of the day until just after noon.  I thought that I would have a relaxing day at home but Danielle needed me to take care of some things for her in the city so I ended up, around one, getting into the shower and then heading out to go into Manhattan.

Dominica and the girls drove me to the Peekskill station and put me on the train to head south.  Thus began my long afternoon.

I got off of the train and immediately looked for a Pret a Manger as I had not eaten a single thing all day.  I found one on Fifth and ate as I walked south.  I was very hungry by that point and knew that likely I would not have food again for a long time.

I ended up doing a ton this afternoon and stayed in Manhattan until one in the morning!  On my walk back north to Grand Central I was able to find an awesome all night deli that had amazing tuna salad sandwiches ready to go which I bought and ate while I walked briskly to make sure that I would get to the train before it left.

Dominica and the girls picked me up in Peekskill around two in the morning.  A very late night for us.

I have gotten a lot of exercise this weekend.  Three consecutive days in Manhattan with around forty five blocks of walking each time.  That’s a good workout.