October 17, 2014: Driving Up to Dad’s

Originally we had thought about leaving to go up to dad’s house first thing this morning.  But I was asked to do a question and answer session at one this afternoon on Reddit for Symantec and that would have made driving up this morning extremely difficult.  So we opted to drive up late instead.

It was nice that we had a leisurely morning, especially as the girls did not wake up until late so it would have been a terrible struggle trying to get them out of the house before one anyway.  There was time to get the car packed and everyone ready to go without needing to hurry.  I was able to spend the morning getting work done.  Then from one until two thirty I was on the Reddit Q&A.  So I was fully posted out on ML and SW before we loaded into the car and headed out.

We stopped downtown and got Subway for lunch.  That always makes Liesl super happy.  Luciana was not sure if she wanted Subway but once Liesl had some, she wanted it too.  Both girls like the plain Italian bread with double American cheese and mayo.  Liesl additionally likes lettuce on hers and is very unhappy if she has to have one without it for eating in the car.  But Luciana does not want the lettuce.  Dominica got a salad.  I got the tuna salad sub loaded with veggies.

The drive up to dad’s went very well.  The girls had a good time looking at all of the leaves changes along the route.  They especially enjoyed going through Sullivan County on the western side of the Catskills.

We hung out at dad’s until fairly late and got the girls into bed then went down, just Dominica and I, to the Wadsworth Grill for a little bit to hang out with Art and Danielle.  I was surprised that by eleven thirty the place was completely dead.  Art said that this is how it always is.  Saturday night is more lively.  But on a Friday night, still pretty early, just five or six people is normal.  Very surprising.  I guess everyone else just… goes to bed or something.  It isn’t like there is anywhere else to go in the area.