October 21, 2014: Final Day with the Family

My new article on the StorageCraft Blog is going live tonight.  This is an article that I have been needing to write for over a year and just have not found time to do so.  I am pretty excited to finally get it published.  This is my post on One Big Flat Networks.

Dominica spent much of the day packing today.  She and the girls are flying out to Houston tomorrow morning.  I did a bit of work, mostly in the morning, in the bedroom office today but let the girls hang out in the office for most of the day so that we could spend time together.

Tonight I took some time with the girls to play some more of Space Quest IV.  They just love that game.  We played for about an hour.  We are probably most of the way through the game at this point.  It is always a bit hard to tell, of course.

We watched some of “How I Met Your Mother” before going to bed.  We got the girls to bed around midnight. They had all kinds of energy tonight and there was just no hope of getting them to bed any sooner than that.

After we were in bed for a bit, Luciana sneaked into our room and got into bed.  Dominica was going to ignore her until Liesl came in ten minutes later asking where everyone was and wanting to climb into bed too.  Dominica said that she would not get any sleep.  But I didn’t want the girls to be sad.  So I packed up my CPAP and I moved into their room with them and slept in there which made them very happy.  They have never had anyone sleep in their room before, I don’t think, so this was like a sleepover.  They were both very good and actually went to sleep right away.  I was quite impressed.