October 22, 2014: The Family Goes to Texas

We had to be up at eight this morning. I actually got a very good night’s sleep in the girls’ room.  They were very happy that I had agreed to sleep in there with them.  They thought that it was just the coolest thing.  They both fought over how they were going to get to sleep but eventually they worked something out that made them both happy with Liesl sharing a pillow with me and Luciana sleeping at my feet.  I have no idea why they were both so happy with that arrangement but they were.  Whatever keeps them happy.

As usual on a night before traveling Dominica did not sleep well but she did sleep much better than had the girls tried to sleep in our bed or were up all night coming into our room every thirty minutes.  Dominica actually woke up at seven and got up and was doing well getting ready this morning.

We were packed up and left the house at ten.  We made a quick run down to the downtown library and dropped off the library books that were going to come due this week so that I would not have to deal with them and then we drove down to Brooklyn to get everyone to JFK.  The drive down was not bad at all and we got there at exactly the time that we had hoped that we would.

With the girls and so much luggage, Dominica did not feel that she would be able to handle everything by herself, and I don’t believe that she could have, so we parked in the garage and I went into the airport with them to at least get them up to the security gate.  We put Luciana into a stroller and Liesl walked holding my hand while I carried two big pieces of luggage.  Dominica had Luciana’s stroller and the rolling luggage.  It was a long walk from the parking lot to the terminal.  That took quite a bit of time and would have been horrible if she had had to have done that without me helping her.

Liesl was so excited the entire time.  She was just bouncing and super happy.  She is very excited to get to go see her cousins.  She was bouncing and skipping and giggling the whole time.  She was so excited that at one point she fell over and got her Care Bear all dirty which was not good.  But we managed to get that washed up before they left.

We got the luggage checked and I gave everyone hugs at the beginning of the security line and watched them head down to the inspection station.  Then I walked back to the car and drove back home in heavy traffic.  On the way back I stopped in Yorktown Heights and got myself an omelette even though, by that time, it was nearly one in the afternoon.  I wanted to get a healthy meal in while I was out of the house so that I would be less tempted to eat something unhealthy later on.  Then it was back to the house for about an hour.

At three I ran out to get a drug screening done that has been needing to be done for a week.  It turns out that there was a Qwest Diagnostics in the most convenient place that was super easy to deal with.  It ended up being no effort and took no time at all.  But it felt good to get that done, that has been just one of those things that has been hanging over me to do for a while.

After that I hit the gas station and fueled up the Acadia just for good measure then went to CVS and stocked up on hygiene products, I had been running low.  I got a small frozen yoghurt at Sweet Frog while I was there, just $3 of the sugar free cotton candy.  Then I went back home.  It was nearly five when I got back to the house.  But I had needed to run those errands and it was good that I took the time to do so.

I was home about half an hour before Dominica emailed me to let me know that they had arrived safely in Houston and were on their way to the Grices’.  Their flight had gone well and Luciana had managed to sleep for a bit of it.

I did some work this evening although not a lot.  I decided that I really wanted to see “A Million Ways to Die in the West” so I bought in on Amazon Video on Demand and watched it in the living room.  It was pretty good.  An amazing cast.  Not a movie that is in any way appropriate for children.  Not at all.  Pretty much like watching a live action Family Guy episode set in the frontier.  Very well done, though.

I started watching “Event Horizon” which I have not seen in forever, probably not since the year that it was released.  If I remember correctly, I rented it on Laserdisc.  I am sure that I never owned it but it was one of those movies that I think that I saw in my own theatre.  But I decided after a little bit that I was not into it tonight.  So I switched to Kevin Kline in “In & Out”, one of my all time favourite movies and one that I do own on Laserdisc and I have not seen probably since that era.  Both movies are in the free collection on Amazon so that worked out great.

Got to bed probably around two in the morning.  Today went well but I saw the family for a bit of it.  By Friday I am likely going to be getting pretty lonely.