October 27, 2014: KOTOR Day Two

Since I put in such an effort to work through KOTOR (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic) yesterday I felt that I had a good chance of completing it today.   I decided that today was a holiday and that that was what I was going to do.

I woke up this morning with some serious shoulder pain.  My idea of exercising while playing KOTOR seems to have backfired.  Although obviously it is doing some good.  My back left shoulder blade is in terrible pain and for about ten hours I had regular spasms from it.

I played KOTOR pretty much the entire day.  Everything was quite around the house. No one needed me.  Pretty much no emails or anything today.  It was pretty much like a quiet weekend day with me hiding and playing KOTOR… except it is Monday.

I have now been home for over two straight weeks.  That is so weird.  I have lost any sense of time passing that I used to have.  It is a really good thing that I am blogging regularly now or I would have no way to determine when one day led to another.  Blogging is great for giving you a more concrete sense of time.

I ended up having to play solidly until three in the morning, but I did it.  I finally completed KOTOR.  That is a monumental game, to be sure.  The environment is not that large but the game really takes a long time.  It was great, though, I really loved it.  A classic and the plot twists towards the end are very good.  The game really does keep you on your toes.  But it was not too hard.  While I died sometimes and had to go back, I did not get stuck in situations where I felt that I just could not move forward and was mad at the game for a lack of balance.  It was exceptionally well balanced and fun to play the whole way through.  It was also nice to have an RPG that really did not have any scary parts.  I hate that every RPG feels like they have to throw that kind of stuff in for no reason.  I think that a lot of people would be happy to skip the gore and scary stuff.  The games tell better stories, most of the time, without all of that.

I am very glad that I put in the time to complete that game.  I started playing KOTOR while we still lived in Texas and made it most of the way through it and I did not get around to picking it back up until yesterday.  Now it is done and I am free to move on to something else.  I highly recommend KOTOR.  I am trying to talk Dominica into playing it.  I think that she would really enjoy it.

It turns out that I got called by work today to discuss the current situation and while the call happened in the middle of the afternoon the voicemail didn’t come through until 10PM.  Very frustrating.  I can only imagine that it is because of the continuous Internet problems that we have been having here.  Since the mobile phones only work over the Internet in the house, if the Internet is not solid a call or a voicemail might not come through.  So I will have to call them back in the morning.  That sucks since basically all I am doing is sitting around waiting for them to call, and I missed it when it finally happened.  At least it was a nice day regardless of that.

Less than two weeks to go until the family is back.  Art and Danielle are coming down on Thursday.  I am not sure completely what the plan is but they will be here all day.  Danielle is going into the city, I think that Art and I are staying at the house.