October 5, 2014: Rob Comes to Visit

We slept with the windows open last night and the room was super cold this morning which bothered my sinuses so I had a bit of a “cold” day all day. I was up before seven this morning but was feeling pretty good.

We got up this morning and actually put in a bit of time cleaning the house which was great. It looks so much better today. It was a lot of effort, it had gotten pretty bad. It is amazing to me how much better we feel when the house is all cleaned up and yet we never do it.

We watched some more of the first season of How I Met Your Mother. It has been easily seven or eight years since we have seen these old episodes. They are often references later in the series so they mostly do not feel that old to me but it has actually been a very long time since I saw them. I believe that we were living in Geneseo when we first watched some of them which shows just how long ago it was! It is good to see them again. Now we can see lots of setup being done that played out throughout the entire series. Amazing how well written the whole series is.

The girls played together much of the day. They have so much energy it is crazy. They went upstairs and we could hear them playing for a long time. They are so adorable how they have this elaborate, imaginative play together. They really are best friends.

This evening the person who rented our home in Peekskill for four years came up and babysat the girls at a quarter till five and we went out to the Quiet Man pub in downtown Peekskill with Rob who had driven up from Manhattan to hang out for the evening. Liesl and Luciana were excited as they love getting to have a babysitter. They regularly mention how much they miss Morgan.

Rob got to the house around five thirty and we rode with him downtown to the Quiet Man. We haven’t been there in months. There was live music going on in the street, which was pretty cool, and it meant that everyone that was outside was sitting out front rather than out back. So we request the patio and got the whole space to ourselves which was awesome. We had some beers and a nice dinner. We really like that pub.

After dinner Rob came by the house for a Scotch and hung out for a while longer after we got the kids off to bed.