October 7, 2014: Space Quest 2

After work today, which was already very dark when I got home, we immediately settled in for family fun night as Liesl has been requesting. Both girls asked that we continue playing Space Quest 2 tonight to which I agreed. We have the game set up upstairs in Dominica and my bedroom so Dominica got an iPad and just hung out on the bed and did her own thing while Liesl, Luciana and I played Space Quest 2.

We had a good time and make it through the last 80% of the game. The girls loved it which is amazing considering what horrible graphics and sound that game has. It is like playing something on an eight bit machine which for all intents and purposes we are. But we have a great time. Liesl has gotten really good at figuring out puzzles too. She knew when to knock over a tree to climb across a chasm or when to throw a rock to knock out a guard. She is really good at these kinds of games.

It took us until after ten thirty to complete the game but I did not want to stop short of actually beating it after we put in such a long evening. Luciana is now begging to play King’s Quest 2. But that is for another day.

We got the girls to bed and went to bed immediately ourselves. It was only fifteen minutes, though, until I got called in because there was a gnat flying around their room and landing on them and they could not take it. So we allowed them to come in and sleep in our room. Luciana was asleep in minutes and Liesl in under thirty.

I woke up in the middle of the night to a loud sound. It was a massive downpour and the rain was coming in our windows in our bedroom pretty heavily. I had no idea that it was going to rain tonight and this was truly torrential. Completely took me by surprise.