September 30, 2014: Joe Heads Home

Tuesday. I went into the office this morning thinking that I was running quite late and was, in fact, rather early. I have no idea how I got my internal time so far off but I did a very good job of getting in at a good time.

Dominica and the girls helped Joe to get onto the 11:01am Amtrak heading north out of Croton-Harmon so he was able to get up to Rochester late in the day. He is looking forward to getting back out to Michigan (weird, I know.)

Work was stressful for me today. Probably just me having a stressful day on my own. There is so much going on and so many things up in the air and those are not situations that I handle all that well. I am pretty good at handling any outcome but I am not very good at waiting around for things to be decided or worked out and that is what causes me the worst and most stress.

Got home on the late side and had to be on the phone for about an hour. Luciana was already hanging out in her room in bed when I was finally done on the phone. But I managed to spend a little time with her before she fell asleep.

Liesl stayed up for a little bit with us. Dominica and I watched a few episodes of “How I Met Your Mother” which we are extremely excited to be watching the final season of. We love that show and have been anxiously awaiting the final season to be released on Netflix. Liesl watched a few with us and then went to bed and watched Season Six of the “Blues Clues” which just became available on Amazon VOD yesterday. She is a little old for that show but always really liked it and is so excited to have new episodes to watch now.

Bed for us around eleven.