November 1, 2014: Going Out for Jazz

As yesterday was Halloween I decided to avoid going out because it would just be crowds and I certainly did not want to get dressed up or anything like that.  I knew that there was a holiday pub crawl down town and it sounded interesting but I decided against it.  But I figured that I would probably go out tonight, at least.  Tonight is “fall back” so we get that extra hour.  Might as well take advantage of it.

I went downtown and got some Subway for lunch today.  Not great for the diet, but not all that bad either.

I started playing a new video game today, Saints Row 2.  It was pretty good.  It is pushing my PC completely to its limits.   I am seeing the game slow down to some degree.  When I was playing KOTOR it really ran completely smoothly.  With this it is still not bad but not as good as it should be.  I so need a new computer.  I just keep putting it off to save money, though.  Just not the right time yet.

I played quite a few video games today.  Then around eight o’clock I walked downtown and checked out The Hudson Room.  I had met some of the folks from The Hudson Room the other night at The Quietman Pub which is right down the street from it and they had told me that I had to come check it out.  I had looked on their website and an interesting Gypsy Jazz trio was going to be playing there tonight at ten so it seemed a perfect time to go check them out.  It is very rare that I get to go see live jazz anywhere, especially within walking distance of home.

It was cold out tonight, in the mid-forties, but the walk was nice.  I listened to some podcasts.

It was close to nine when I got in to the club.  I was shocked at how busy it was.  They were quite full.  The tables were all full and the bar was standing room only.  It is a very large venue, I had no idea that it was so big in there.  I sat at the bar after waiting a bit to get a seat and ordered my customary side car.  I ended up getting to meet the owner this evening and someone at the bar shared their truffle oil fries with me, they were amazing.  I ended up ordering the tofu stir fry for dinner which was excellent.

The band was really good.  Totally my type of music and great for an evening out.  I believe that the band’s name was Tre Gypsy Jazz.  I heard that they had come up from Brooklyn.

I stayed until the band shut down around twenty after one.  Then I followed some of the HH staff to the Birdsall where we hung out till the second 2am.  From there, the long, cold walk back up the hill to the house.  That was not exactly fun.  Lower 40s and a lot of hill to climb.

Only four more days until the family comes home.  Into the home stretch now.