November 10, 2014: Beginning Another Week

It is a Monday but it is pretty hard to tell around here.  After a month of being home continuously the idea of there being days of the week is beginning to be lost on me.  I am starting to feel a little bit dysfunctional just from not doing anything normal in a long time.

I played a small amount of Wind Waker for the girls tonight.  I had a small mission that I was able to accomplish in less than an hour and I was happy to knock that one out. That is a long game and the dungeons do not allow you to just save anytime which is ridiculous in this day and age to use such a pathetic challenge that makes the game challenging based on real world conditions (abundance of free time, lack of interruptions) rather than on something in the game itself. Very amateur.  I can’t wait to be done with this game.  I just want it to be over and I need to remind myself to never try a Zelda game again.  They make me so unhappy.  If the kids want to play them, they need to do it themselves not have me play it for them.  It is just not a happy game.  Dominica likes them some, maybe she will play some with them.

We watched more of How I Met Your Mother tonight.

Our days are pretty uneventful right now.  We are all home, all of the time.  The four of us together.  That part is great.  I am getting good sleep too.  Seven hours every night, which is all that my body will realistically allow me to sleep.  And I have been working hard to go to bed around midnight rather than letting my schedule skew like crazy.  So that has been working out well.  We are keeping to a healthy schedule.

Family movie night was Back to the Future II tonight.  These are great family movies.  We are really enjoying them.

No word on what is going on with work today.  Still, just waiting.