November 3, 2014: The Family Heads to San Antonio

Busy day of posting today.  Got up and got right to it this morning.  Kept myself pretty busy all day.  Today I was supposed to get the phone call with the details as to the next steps for everything at work.  Well, no call on Friday and I waited all day and no call today.  This is ridiculous.  This is a one day process, at most.  It’s been like seven weeks of procrastination and stalling.  The waiting and waiting is getting very tough.

Only two more days, after today, without the family.  I can make it.  Only a little longer.

The family all drove out to San Antonio late this morning so that they could get there with a nice, daylight drive and get into their hotel and relax this evening so that they would be prepared for the state marching band competitions tomorrow at the Alamodome.  Everyone is pretty excited.

This evening, rather late after it was dark, I went downtown and got Subway again.  I just ate there tonight.

Once it was late I bought the recent release Sex Tape on Amazon VOD and watched that.  Dominica has been wanting to see it too and it has a good cast so I figured that it was a good purchase.  It’s so hard to know when it is worth buying something and when it is not.  We buy very little these days but rentals are so expensive. Of course, we rent very little too.