December 22, 2014: Dominica’s Early Shopping Day

Dominica got up at six thirty this morning so that she could go shopping with Francesca at seven.  Way too early.  They were out shopping until almost noon!  That was a really long morning.  They were pretty tired when it was barely lunch time.

I stayed at Joe’s house all day today.  There is a lot to do and I need to keep working.  I can’t be treating my time before starting the new job as a vacation.  I have as much to do as I normally do during this window.   I got a lot of work done, though.  Mostly catching up on posting, emails, blogs, etc.  I have been so far behind.  I am making great progress on things.

I took the girls over to Francesca’s late this morning so that they could play with their cousins.  I went back to Joe’s to continue working.

I went back over to Francesca’s to join everyone in the evening.  We ordered in dinner from Kelly’s which makes the best breakfast around.  We love their food.

I had to fight to get Dominica back to the house at a decent hour to get some sleep.  Luciana is so exhausted by the end of the day.  She needs more sleep than she is getting.  We all do.

It was discovered tonight that Garrett has strep throat.  So pretty likely we are all going to have it soon.  Francesca is going to take him to the clinic in the morning to get checked out.