December 26, 2014: Picking Up the GoPro

We got up this morning and Francesca met us at Waffle House for breakfast.  Everyone else was sleeping in a bit and recovering from Christmas.  After breakfast Dominica and Francesca went out to look for a cake for their mother at Kroger since tomorrow is her birthday but since she is traveling tomorrow we are celebrating her birthday today.

I took Liesl and Luciana and drove them over to Francesca’s house to hang out with their cousins.

Later today Dominica and I made a run to Best Buy to pick up our Christmas present, the GoPro Hero4 Black.  We had gotten a gift card for it so that we could buy it ourselves.  Everyone has it for the exact same price and we wanted to get it in hand as soon as possible so that we could start learning about it and figure out what all we are going to need before going to Europe with it as we know that we are going to need all kinds of gear for taking good videos.

Our first thing that we know that we need is a memory card for it.  Because the camera is a 4K camera it needs a faster memory card than normal cameras.  Best Buy tried to sell us a 64GB card for $199!  I looked on Amazon and they had an even better card (higher end, faster, same manufacturer0 for only $99 and the exact same card for $75.  So we opted not to buy one at Best Buy.  What a rip off they are.  If you are not buying something price controlled, they are insanely overpriced.  They really don’t think much of their customers.

We got home and looked online and checked the cards tested and recommended by GoPro themselves.  Amazon had those for only $44!!  Boy did we save a lot of money.  So we will have a memory card so that we can start using the camera on Tuesday.  Today is Friday.

Brittany is sick today, probably with the same stomach bug that Emily had a week ago and that Brittany’s dad got last night.  It appears to be making the rounds.  So she was home sick all day because of it.

Joe joined us at Francesca’s in the evening after work.  For dinner we ordered out from Kelly’s and Francesca and I went out to pick it up for everyone.  Dominica and I love their enormous Texas sized baked potatoes.  It is an entire meal.  That was all that Dominica got and all that I got was that plus a side salad and it was more than enough for both of us.  Pretty cheap too.

Once we got back to Joe and Brittany’s house, Dominica, Liesl, Luciana and I went out to the theatre and watched National Treasure 2.  We would have watched the first one but Joe appears to have lost his BluRay for that one.  The girls have never seen either of them but we figured that it would not matter.  Luciana watched it snuggled on my lap.  Liesl watched most of it but it did not hold her interest enough to finish it.  She said that she liked it and would like to watch it again some time.