December 8, 2014: No Packing Today

After the exhaustion of yesterday and the opportunity to take today off because of the weather postponing my drive to dad’s house with the moving fan today became a day off from packing duties.  Probably a bad idea as there is so much to do but I was extremely busy all day with studying my Python.

My coding interview with Facebook was this afternoon at four.  So I was attempting to prep for that all morning.  It has been so long since I was really a coder that while coding, conceptually, comes pretty easy to me the skills are relatively rusty and my technical knowledge of current languages is very sparse.  So I am working hard to overcome that as this is a very coding heavy company and Facebook is a company that I am really interested in.

The interview went well this afternoon, I think.  It was slightly late in the day so there is a good chance that I will not hear back from them until tomorrow or later.

Once the interview was done, we took some time and all relaxed as I wanted to decompress a little after the interview and all of the prep that I did for it over the weekend.  We actually got the call this evening that Facebook liked the interview and wants me to do another round with them on Wednesday.

This really messed up our week’s travel plans.  Originally we had thought that I might take the cargo van up to dad’s this afternoon.  We pushed that off because of the weather.  Now we don’t have a window to do the trip until Thursday to Friday which is the last possible window in which to do it because Art and Danielle are coming to our house on Thursday evening and Friday morning will be the only possible time to install the new oven that I will be bringing back with me.

This is going to be one really busy week.