November 14, 2014: Age of Empires Day

Another day at home.  Dominica and I were both in a bit of an Age of Empires mood and so I played a few games of it on my own and I played one or two with her (as a team, not head to head) as well.  That made for a fun day.  We have not played that game in a really, really long time.  At least not playing it for any real amount.  The new HD enhancements make it so much better.  We are loving the Steam integration.

This is one of the advantages of spending time hanging out in the Community, it reminds us what games we have and what we like to play and that we should be playing games sometimes.

This evening I gave in and played some Wind Waker with the girls too.  I am really hoping that we can get that game over and done on the soonish side.  There is not all of that much left to go in the game and I just want to be done with it.  I made it to the beginning of the Wind Temple tonight.  So a bit left to go, but I am in one of the last major challenges of the game.  The last of the traditional dungeons.