November 15, 2014: More AoE2

We had so much fun playing AoE2 yesterday that we took much of today to play it as well.  It works well for ignoring all of the stress and concern that has been going on.  While we are now into a state of semi-unemployment we have a ton of things in motion that mean that we pretty much are just sitting around waiting on other people for the most part.  Barclays has told me that they are talking to Bridgewater and are going to work things out and that they just want us to sit on our hands and twiddle our thumbs (to mix my metaphors) for a while.  So, at least for several days, that is what we are doing.  But, if anything, this makes us far more stressed.

So, for the moment, we are sitting tight and trying to take everything in stride as much as possible.  But it is very hard to do.