November 20, 2014: NYC Interview

Thursday. We had a more or less quiet morning today.  Had time to get up and be rather leisurely before Dominica and the girls drove me down to the Croton train station at a quarter till noon.

I had an interview in the city today with a software firm.  The interview went pretty well and it was pretty encouraging for everyone that I interviewed with to have a very visible reaction that I was way over what they would be able to afford and they were unclear why I was interested in working there.  And to be honest, the job was only of slight interest.  But worth having a conversation about, at least.

After the interview I stopped by at the AetherWorks offices on 5th Avenue and hung out there for an hour or two and then Rob and I went out to a local Irish pub where we drank Guiness for most of the evening.

Dominica and the girls picked me up from the train station.  I managed to nap a bit on the train northbound.  One of the advantages of the Croton train versus the Peekskill one is that the station that I am going to is the terminus of the line so if you fall asleep they will wake you up at your destination.