November 29, 2014: Hanging in Utica

This morning we got up at a decent time, got the kids dressed and the car packed and we headed out to Geneseo to get there for ten thirty.  We went to the Geneseo Family Restaurant on Main Street for a change of pace.  Dad drove down to Leicester and picked up Aunt Sharon and brought her up to Geneseo.

Breakfast was good.  Liesl ate cake before leaving the house because no one told her that we were going to breakfast.  Luciana had her usual pancakes.  We discovered that the Geneseo Family Restaurant has a great vegetarian selection that we want to come back and try.

It was right at noon that we got on the road to drive out to Frankfort.  Traffic was not bad at all.  We stopped at Dunkin Donuts and got coffee for Dominica and I and we had to make one stop at a texting stop to get some stuff out of the back of the car.  Other than that it was a quick drive and we were in Frankfort just barely after two thirty.  That was a fast drive.

We got to see Truman, the new Boston Terrier puppy.  He is about three and a half months old.  He is a little sweetie.  We spent a lot of time snuggling with him.

Liesl opened her birthday presents shortly after we arrived.  She is really excited about her new Playmobile boat.  She put that together immediately.

We got Big Willie’s Pizza for dinner tonight.  At eight Dominica and I went out to Gerber’s in Utica to meet up with Brandi and Kerry.  Brandi is Dominica’s sorority sister from Geneseo.  We figured out that Dominica and I last came to Gerber’s one year ago tonight!  How weird that we did it exactly a year later.  Neither Kerry nor Brandi have ever been to Gerber’s either.  Completely by coincidence half a dozen or more of Kerry’s coworders ended up coming in right after we did and none of them had ever been to Gerber’s before either!  Lots of weird coincidences tonight.  Her friend Nicki ended up joining us for much of the evening at our table.

We had a really nice time.  It was a lot of fun.  We were out until probably one in the morning.

When we got back the girls were fast asleep, thankfully.  We poked our heads in to check on them.  They were so cute, the two of them sharing a small bed.  They hate to be apart.