January 17, 2015: Last Time Back to Peekskill

I got up at seven thirty again this morning.  Got up, showered and dressed and did a little packing up.  Dominica and Luciana were up not long after I was out of the shower.  After everyone was up and fully awake we got the car packed and the kids dressed and we all drove down to Brian’s USA Diner in Mt. Morris for breakfast before we got onto the road.

It was around eleven thirty when we got onto the road.  The sun was shining even though it was bitterly cold, still.  The drive went well.  We stopped in the Catskills at a Subway and picked up our dinners about an hour from home so that we would not have to deal with food later.

I missed the turnoff at Route 6 and we accidentally got forced onto the Thruway which sucked.  That took us forty minutes out of way causing us to get home much later than we should have.  It would figure that on our very last time returning to the house this would happen!  What a pain that was.

So it was six when we finally got back to the house.

This evening we watched the first two Pure Nature episodes on Aerial Spain.  They were really excellent.  The first two are free on both Hulu and YouTube.  The third one I have only managed to find on Hulu.  But they are free on Hulu so not a big deal.  Really awesome tour of Spain.  Aerial Spain Part One. And Aerial Spain Part Two.

After the kids went to bed, Dominica and I watched Mom’s Night Out.  It was cute but overall we didn’t like it too much.  Much of the story did not make any sense and the editing was very poor.  There were several story lines that were obviously set up and then apparently edited out of the final film.  There were far too many characters without any character development, everyone was just flat and pointless.  Even the protagonist was nothing but a plot device.  There was a lot of potential and you could tell that the premise was cute and you were just waiting for funny things to happen but they never came to fruition and you are left hanging with a movie that feels like it never even happened.