January 27, 2015: Walking the Mission District

Stayed up fairly late last night playing with the new Macbook Pro and getting SGL updates out the door.  Write about five thousand words on SGL beyond the tons and tons of posts to ML and SW that I did.  Very busy evening of writing.  So it was pushing one in the morning when I got off to bed.  I also found that, by accident, the SGL update from January 20th had not been posted, even though it had been written, so I got that posted for anyone who had not seen it but did not know to look back and find it.

Today is day two at Change.org!

My internal clock did not allow me to sleep in past five twenty.  So I was up very early once again.  Now that I have a laptop, though, that meant that I was able to get up and start posting online and keeping up with communications instead of just being in the hotel with nothing to do.  So much better today than yesterday.

I did some posting and catching up with things and then showered and hung out in the hotel room until eight thirty.  Then I walked the roughly two miles to the office and realized that I did not have the building code on my phone like I thought that I did and was unable to get into the office.  I was still cooling down from my walk, listening to my book on exploring small town America, when my team lead walked by and let me in.  So that worked out pretty well.  And while I had the code I did not know how to use it so I had to be shown that anyway.  Worked out just fine.

Another good morning at the new job.  Still very excited.  Later in the morning I and the other new person who started the same day as me were given first an office tour so that we would know where everything is in the office and then a tour around the neighborhood.  There is a lot of good food in the area which is nice.  I will have very little change to eat around here so it may not matter at all, but I might get a chance or two.  There is a hot dog place near the office called “What Up Dog” and they offer veggie sausages which sound awesome.  I probably got another mile under my belt from walking around the area.  I am racking up the foot miles on this trip.

For lunch we went out for sushi again.  It was very good.

The afternoon went well and we (Chris and I) left the office at five thirty.  I have not seen the city, really, and she has been telling me about the Mission District so she gave me a tour.  We walked down 16th to the west until we got to Mission and then turned south and walked to 24th.  Rather a hefty walk.  There we hit La Corneta which is, I am told, a Mission District landmark and the best place to get authentic Mexican food in the area.  I got two Super Fish Tacos which were amazing.  Salmon and refried beans.  They were so mounded up that there was no way to even attempt eating them like a taco.  It was far more like a salad.  So good.

From there we walked towards The Castro to the west to find the apparently famous Bi-Rite ice cream stand.  It too, was amazing.  Dominica would really like it.  It is an American ice cream place but totally a European style like an Italian gelato stand.  Tons of crazy flavors and the assumption is that you will try two or three flavors every time.  I got one scoop of brown sugar ginger and one of cinnamon snickerdoodle.  The brown sugar was the big winner.  Amazing.

From there Chris took the train back and I walked back about four blocks to the east to get back to Mission then followed mission all of the way back to 7th where I turned east and got quickly to my hotel.

When I checked my iPhone Health app, just as I was climbing into bed, I had walked an even (literally, to the step) 23,000 steps today and 9.76 miles.  Not too bad at all.  San Francisco is very good for my health.  I’ve had nothing but healthy food, except for the fries and onion rings, for days and have been walking many miles each day.

I was pretty tired once I got back.  I was on the laptop for maybe an hour before deciding that there was no reason for me to be keeping myself awake for no reason.  So I called it an early night and climbed into bed at nine thirty.  I listened to my book for maybe fifteen more minutes but then drifted off to sleep.  I am sure that I will be awake very early tomorrow.