January 28, 2015: Day Three in San Fran

Today is day three at Change.org.  I was up a little later today, about a quarter until six.  And I need to be at the office around nine this morning rather than at ten like the last two days.  So my morning in the hotel was much shorter.  Almost two hours shorter than it has been.

I had another good walk to the office this morning.  I am really loving all of the time to be outside and walking.  I am averaging way over an hour every day that I am here.  That is a lot of time.  And that is really a minimum, like I did on Monday.

I left the hotel just after eight so I got to the office about eight thirty.  I had an hour long meeting first thing this morning and then had a pretty busy day, by far my busiest yet.

At lunch time I had my first time that I was left to my own devices for lunch since arriving in California.  It has been sponsored sushi the last two days.  I have been wanting to try out the little hot dog place around the corner: What’s Up Dog.  So around one I went out and got myself a vegetarian kielbasa and went for a walk of a few blocks, maybe six to eight total, while I ate.  Not a long walk but maybe as much as twenty minutes.  I listened to more of my Bill Bryson book while I walked.

The veggie dogs were very good.  I got one to start to see how it was and then did my walk.  When I returned I got another before going back up to the office.

This afternoon I learned that one of the engineers on my team at the office had just read one of my articles that I had written just a couple of weeks ago on “DevOps and Snowflakes.”  Not only had she read it but she recognized the title when we were talking about it at the office and when I showed her the two sites where it was hosted it was not the more common StorageCraft Blog that had had it but was, in fact, SMB IT Journal where she had read it!  Now that is really cool.  It is extremely rare that being in a company like this someone will have read your work before, let alone a recent paper written in just the last few weeks and that we would have figured out that she had done so.

I worked until after six thirty, I think the latest that I have been in the office so far.  Definitely the longest day since I came in over an hour earlier. Almost a ten hour day, actually.  Not quite, but pretty close.

The walk home was fine.  I know the route well by now.  I am almost exactly halfway through my Bill Bryson book at this point.

Before returning to the hotel I stopped at Custom Burger again and got a salmon burger as the one on Monday night was so awesome.  I took that back to my hotel room right across the street and ate there.

I decided on having just a quiet evening in the hotel to myself tonight.  I am a little soar from all of the walking that I did yesterday.  No blisters or anything, just would like a light day today so that I am ready to walk more tomorrow.

At the end of the day, my walking for the day was 11,700 steps and 5.6 miles.

Today I bought a copy of JetBrain’s RubyMine for myself.  I have been wanting to get a copy for a while and now that I am going to be doing Ruby programming all of the time it seemed like a really good time to have it.

I did a little work tonight but mostly had a slow, quiet night to myself.