January 3, 2015: Party Day

Today is one of those days where it felt like morning all day and before you knew it, the day was pretty much over.

This morning Emily and I drove out to Kroger to get chocolate milk for the girls because they had run out again and I picked up vegetarian Italian sausage that was needed for dinner plans tonight.  We also stopped at the kolachie place nearby and got breakfast for the family on the way back to the house.  It was a bit late when we headed out and likely after eleven by the time that we returned with food.  Burritos, kolachies and donuts for everyone.

The Grices came over a little after that and pretty much all of the girls went out and watched movies in the theatre for most of the day and Joe and Bennie worked on the bar (building it.)  I had no time to even set up my laptop yesterday so today I got set up in the kitchen and tried to get caught up a little bit.

Dominica and the girls got to watch The Maze Runner and Malificent today which was good as I was not really interested in seeing either of those films.  This is working out well that she is getting lots of chances to see so many movies that I don’t really want to see.

Joe and I made a run to Specs so that we could make Flaming Doctor Peppers later.  We never got around to that, though.  But we got supplies for Pimms and Ginger too, which Dominica wanted.

This evening Liesl talked me into watching Despicable Me 2 in the theatre with her.  All of the young kids decided to come out and join us too.  Liesl and Clara sat in the back row hanging out on their own.  Luciana climbed into my lap for the entire movie.  Garrett joined us later on.  It was a cute movie, a lot like the first one.  I’m not a huge fan of the series but they are cute and fun and the kids really like them.  This was Liesl and Luciana’s first time seeing the movie.  Liesl got it on DVD for Christmas but has not had a chance to watch it yet.

After that movie Francesca, Madeline and Garrett went back home.  We put Clara, Liesl and Luciana to bed and then Dominica came out to the theatre and watched The World’s End with me which we have been wanting to see for a while but do not own.  It is really handy that Joe owns tons of movies that we want to see but do not necessarily want to buy.  That is saving us a fortune in rentals and whatnot.

The World’s End had a great cast and was entertaining but really, really weird.  Worth seeing once but not a classic by any stretch.  I absolutely love Shaun of the Dead with most of the same people but this one was only so so.  We are glad that we got a chance to watch it, though.

After our movie it was time for bed.  Most everyone was still awake when Dominica and I went off to bed.  The party was still going.