January 5, 2015: Packing Day

Today Francesca is back at work but the kids are home.  We stayed at Joe and Brittany’s house for most of the day.  I set up in the kitchen so that I could work.  Dominica spent most of the day packing.  We have to be on the road early in the morning so that we can get all of the way to my family in Ohio so that we can spend Wednesday with them.  Liesl and Luciana spent most of the day just quietly playing on their own.  They are not used to all of the time with the other kids and while they love it they are in serious need of quiet downtime after seeing them.

It was a lot of work for Dominica today.  We have a lot of stuff to get ready to either be stored at Joe’s or to go with us.  She had a busy day.  I was pretty productive too and got another article submitted today.

This afternoon, around four, the four of us went over to the Grices’ and spent the evening there.  On our way there Dominica, Liesl, Luciana and I went to Waffle House and got dinner as everyone over there was eating on their own.

We did not stay long tonight, maybe until eight at the latest.  All of the kids have school tomorrow so we could not keep them up.  We were back to Joe’s house before nine.

We had been thinking that we would get the kids to bed early and that Dominica and I would watch a movie in the theatre tonight.  But once we were at the house I said that it was early enough and we were really just killing time until we were going to be ready to leave in the morning that maybe we should just get in the car and get a start on our trip.  Dominica agreed that that made good sense.  So we packed the Acadia up as quickly as we could and just before ten central time we were on the road.

The girls did well and went to sleep pretty quickly.  Dominica and I listened to more of Eragon which we had been reading on the drive southward a few weeks ago.

We did not go super far tonight and that was not our goal.  We just wanted to drive during the time that we would have otherwise been killing time this evening.  We drove until just after two so we got over four hours of driving completed and were in central Louisiana along the Gulf Coast when we stopped for the night.  We found a Comfort Suites on Route 10 for just ninety dollars.  This week is Choice Hotel’s triple points week so we are getting a lot of value out of our stays on this drive.

The hotel was very nice and we were very happy that we stopped.  Not too expensive and very comfortable.  And now we know that tomorrow will not be all that bad.  We get to get a really good night’s sleep tonight.  Luciana got to snuggle with me tonight and Liesl snuggled with Dominica.  Tomorrow night we will switch.