January 6, 2015: Driving Day

There is not much to tell about today.  We got up this morning at the Comfort Suites in Louisiana and were on the road by around nine.  We were very glad that we got a head start last night because even though it was not all that much driving yesterday it really takes a good chunk off of the day today.  We have so much asphalt already behind us before starting out on our very long day.

The weather was gorgeous.  It was bright, clear and in the low sixties along the Gulf of Mexico this morning.  We were really surprised.  What a nice day.

About fifteen hours of driving for us today.  We were on the road and the girls did really great.  It was a really beautiful day and, for my first time ever, I got to drive through Louisiana in the daylight!  After all of these years this was my first time to ever get to see the state when it was not the middle of the night.  Hard to believe.

The whole day went very well.  The girls slept a lot and complained very little.  I did all of the driving, Dominica did none, again.  This is her second trip in which she has had to do no driving at all.

We listened to most of the rest of Eragon today.

We pushed on until well after midnight knowing that we really wanted to be north of Columbus before calling it a night.  We made it there without a problem and got a good rate on a Comfort Inn there and got to bed.