January 8, 2015: Back to Peekskill

Another driving day.  Not so far to go today, though, only about eight hours of car time.  We slept in nice and late this morning.  By the morning it was Liesl and I sleeping in the “pink” room and Dominica and Luciana sleeping in the “diamond” room.

Dominica was up first and I was not too far behind her.  Probably around nine.  We spent the morning in the kitchen hanging out with Aunt Marlene.  The girls got up, first Luciana around nine thirty and then Liesl at more like eleven.

We stayed at Aunt Marlene’s house until about one.  It was bright and sunny but still extremely cold and we had little desire to get out and onto the road.  We were avoiding the cold for as long as we could but by one we really had to be in the car and underway.

We stopped in Louisville at the grocery store for fortified meals for the kids (generic Pediasure) and then ran across the street to Taco Bell for cheesy rice and bean burritos for Dominica and me.

And then we were on the road. Less than eight hours of highway time to do today.

The drive went fine.  We managed to avoid all of the bad weather today. No snow, no rain and only moderate winds for the entire drive from Louisville, Ohio to Peekskill, New York.  Both of the girls slept a lot of the way too.  They really did well.

Dominica and I completed Eragon and started reading Eldest which Dominica read in print long ago but I have never read at all.

It was around nine thirty when we got to the Peekskill house where we no longer live.  The house was surprisingly holding sixty degrees when we arrived even though the thermostat was set down to fifty four!  Even with no one home and nothing running it held the temperature fifty degrees above the outside temperatures!  That new insulation that we paid for this summer really paid off!!

Dominica managed to make the entire trip without having to so much as move the car in a parking lot.

We did nothing this evening.  Just got into the house, got the kids ready for bed.  It was a short evening.