February 12, 2015: Visiting in Ohio

Today we are shifting from dad’s house in New York to my Aunt Marlene’s house in Ohio.  We need to be out to Louisville, Ohio before one this afternoon so we are in just a little bit of a rush.  It takes about six hours, with all of the stops included, to get to Louisville so we needed to leave by seven to really be safe.  The car was basically loaded last night so we were able to get up and leave pretty quickly this morning.

The drive out to Ohio went fine.  We had some heavy snow as we drove up to Buffalo but after that it was not bad although the winds along Lake Erie were something horrible.  We stopped at Dunkin Donuts in Batavia to pick up breakfast and coffee to have as we drove.

It was almost exactly one in the afternoon when we pulled into Louisville and my aunt’s house.  I had to get set up straight away to get online for work, which was actually rather busy today.  Busier than it has been for me, at least.

I worked from the kitchen all day. Gwen, Mike, Cheryl, Denny and Don all managed to come visit in the middle of the afternoon and nearly everyone else was able to come visit by evening, including grandma and Aunt Gayle.

The family got pizza for dinner and we just all visited at Aunt Marlene’s house.  The girls had a great time playing with everyone especially my cousins.  The girls love getting to go to Ohio.

We had a really nice time and were in bed at a decent time.  We are very happy that we managed to come stay for two days before being gone for so long.