February 15, 2015: Party Aftermath

The girls from Madeline’s sleepover were still at the house until around noon with one lingering into the early afternoon.  First thing this morning I was sent out to pick up doughnuts for everyone so came back with three dozen assorted doughnuts plus some egg, cheese and potato tacos for Dominic and me.  I got myself an apple fritter too which turned out to be the largest doughnut-like product I have ever purchased and actually felt a little bit sick from eating.  It was ridiculously enormous. I think that somehow two or three apple fritters morphed into one giant fritter.  It was extremely tasty, though.

We mostly just visited in the kitchen until all of the girls were gone.  Then the Grices went home and in about half an hour Dominica and the girls went over to their house too.  I stayed at Joe’s house and did some catching up on work stuff, showered, got dressed and eventually walked the just over two miles down to Francesca’s house while I listened to more of Bill Bryson’s “Made in America.”

We had Bullrito’s for dinner and mostly just sat around the living room talking while the kids played.  Dominica and Francesca and presumably working on plans for the Disney trip in March but not very much planning had actually been done.

I did some planning today and we are seriously considering doing a trip to Argentina at the beginning of 2016, heading down in January right after we have returned from our second tour in Spain.  The timing would be perfect because we would use up time when we had to be outside of the Schengen area and we would keep up with our immersion in Spanish which, we hope, will be very solid by that point.

The trip to Argentina would be until mid-March when we would take a short vacation and I would get to do my first ever cruise going from Buenos Aires to Montevideo and then south around the horn and back up the Pacific coast of South America to Valparaiso, Chile where we would spend our next tour.  Two tours in South America with only one flight in.  It would be a long stretch down there but a good use of the money and time and we would get a fourth tour in a purely Spanish-speaking region.

We found an amazing option that would allow us to potentially leave Chile via a cruise as well letting us hit Peru and maybe Ecuador as tourists, then continuing on through the Panama Canal (which is just really cool to get to say that you have done) and then going up through the Caribbean to Florida so that we would not have to fly home!

We were really tired this evening and Francesca was getting the kids off to bed around eight thirty.  We went back to Joe’s house and got our kids to bed too. Then Dominica and I were off to sleep as well.  It was probably no later than nine thirty when we got off to sleep.