February 2, 2015: Week Two

Today begins my second week in the office at the new position at Change.  I slept in until around seven then got up, worked a little, showered and did my walk into the office.  It was not as hot today, at least I did not feel as hot.  Perhaps I am simply getting used to the walking more at this point.  It has been a full week of walking now with my lightest day being just nearly four miles.

Work was good today.  More progress.  Not much time left now.  Only four work days left before I am heading back home to see the family.  Sixty percent of the work days are done now and two thirds of my total time away from home has passed.  I am really looking forward to being home.

On the walk home I finished reading “The Lost Continent” and began reading “One Summer: America, 1927” also by Bill Bryson.

For lunch today we had sushi again at Live Sushi.  I got the full vegetarian rolls.  I’ve learned that I really like those and can eat them all of the time.

After work I walked back to the hotel.  On the way back, which was much cooler and I did not get all sweaty for what I think is the first time since coming out to the coast, I picked up fish and chips to eat in the hotel room.

I did a little posting and worked on my Rosetta Stone and DuoLingo before driving down to San Bruno to drop off Jeff’s Kia Optima.  Sarah drove me down to the San Bruno BART station and I rode that back to Mission and Sixteenth and from there I walked back to the hotel getting in around eleven.

The extra walk and train ride gave me some time to continue listening to the book that I started reading. So far it is very interesting.  American in 1927 is not a piece of history that I know all that well.  Many things, like the biggest news events of the time, are things that are not familiar to me.  It was a very odd time period.

With the extra walking today I managed to do a total of 15,500 steps which comes out to 7.3 miles.  Nothing staggering but it is a good walk for the day.