February 22, 2015: Wrapping Up Classic Movie Weekend

Francesca and Emily came over early this morning to get back to watching movies today.  We ended up spending much of the day trying to figure out how to hook things up so that we could watch the movies that we wanted.  It ended up being a pretty big waste of time, by the time we actually got to watch something.

We ended up only squeezing in a single movie today, Fred Astaire in Daddy Longlegs which was well done and pretty entertaining but a little big creepy since it is about a guy wooing a high school student one third his age.  It’s hard to tell how much they intended for the film to be a bit odd or if that was just still so normal in its day that it wasn’t a big thing.

By the time we had watched the movie it was mid-afternoon and Francesca had to get the kids back home and get to bed because they have school tomorrow.

We just watched some television and called it a night.