February 25, 2015: 39 Years Old

Thirty nine years old.  Happy Birthday to me.

I slept in this morning until nine thirty.  That was like ten hours of sleep.  I never do that!

Dominica was up early today and went to Target to do some shopping before the girls woke up around eight thirty.  She was gone until a quarter till noon.  Mostly utilitarian shopping, nothing exciting or of note except for a cute, pink rain slick for Liesl.

Luciana was up with me for most of the morning.  She woke up while I was in the shower.  Brittany had gone to work very early in the morning.  Joe was still around and Luciana taught him how to make her chocolate milk for her; she was excited about that.  He was off to work before I saw him, though.

Liesl was a sleepy-head today and slept until eleven thirty!  I have no idea what wore her out so much.  Apparently she really needed some sleep, just like me.

Liesl’s second math textbook arrived today and she was so excited to get to work on her math class some more.  She was actually screaming and jumping up and down, she was so excited to get to do more of her math class.  It is amazing how much she loves learning.

We didn’t do too much today.  I worked all day and Dominica and Liesl did school.  After work was over we had dinner and then some cupcakes that Dominica had picked up.  A very quiet birthday.