February 5, 2015: Visiting Loggly

Today is my next to last day in San Francisco.  I can’t believe that I have been here for two weeks already.  The time has actually passed by very quickly, although I really, really miss my family and cannot wait to be back home on Saturday afternoon.

Normal morning.  Up before six.  Spent some time in the hotel and then walked to the office on the early side leaving just after eight instead of at nine.  That got me to the office more than an hour before I needed to be there but made for a cooler walk and much less sunlight directly in my face.  The brightness of the nine o’clock walk, if there are no clouds, is a big frustrating as I walk directly into the sun on the way in.

At lunch today I got taken out for a full infrastructure team lunch which was fun.  We got Thai at a place that I have been walking past every evening on my way home and always look in wondering if I should stop in but had not yet.  It was a nice walk over there too, so my distance for the day is adding up quickly.

I had to leave the office early, just after three thirty, because this evening I am meeting with Loggly at their offices downtown.  I walked back to the hotel first and freshened up before heading out again.  The walk to their offices was another thirty minutes past the hotel, so a full hour on foot from the Change offices.  A pretty hefty walk.

I got the Loggly’s offices at a few minutes past five.  They got dinner for me and we had a really nice meeting for maybe two hours. It was very productive, I think.  They gave me a very cool goodies bag full of stuff for Dominica and the girls and the bag itself was really nice too.  I know that Dominica is going to love the shirt and the bag.

I walked back to the hotel and grabbed an evening snack.  I went to bed pretty early, maybe by nine.  I want to get lots of sleep and I need to get up on the early side tomorrow and get the hotel room all packed up.  I leave the hotel in the morning.

Overall today I walked 16,600 steps and 7.9 miles.