February 9, 2015: From Fishkill to Peoria, Snowstorm

Today we have to drive, there is not too much alternative.  The trip has to be done.  We were at the Hampton Inn in Fishkill when we woke up this morning.  Everyone slept in to a good, reasonable time.  Dominica was up first around eight thirty and I got up around nine.  The girls slept in for a while yet.  Dominica showered and got ready and then went down and got breakfast in the hotel while I showered and got ready.  Then when she returned I went down and got breakfast myself (bagel and a muffin) and brought back some cereal (Lucky Charms and Honey Nut Cheerios) for the girls.

When I got back up to the room it was nearly ten and the girls were attempting to not get up yet.  But we had to get moving so they had to get up.  We packed up and were probably on the road around ten thirty.  We were not looking forward to this at all.  There was snow coming down even before we left.  We were hoping for a clear day but that was not very realistic to expect.

Today I led the way and Dominica followed me in the Acadia with the kids.  This made a huge difference in how she felt driving.  She was able to watch me drive and gauge how the road was off of what I was doing which made things much easier for her.  We were moving pretty slowly, only doing about forty to fifty miles per hour when we were lucky and dropping far below from time to time.  The Interstate 84 bridge over the Hudson had its official speed limit dropped to just thirty five miles per hour due to the weather.

We were able to move along pretty consistently and that was very important.  We did not make great time but we made stable time.  Our first stop was about two hours into the drive, Dominica wanted to stop at a rest stop.  I checked in with her there and she said that she was feeling pretty good because she was able to follow me and she was not really having any issues.  So we decided to press on and see if we could make it the whole way.  We really do not want to have to stop today if at all possible.

The girls were doing well today too.  They were in a good mood after being in the hotel last night and knowing that they will get to see grandpa as soon as we arrive.  Every time that I checked in on them they were very happy.  On the drive I finished reading “One Summer: America 1927” and then continued reading “Made in America.”

Driving the twenty foot U-Haul was exhausting.  It handled pretty well but I had to be very attentive the entire time and my feet and legs were never comfortable.  It is not a fun way to drive all day.

We only stopped twice on the entire drive today, the first time at the rest stop and the second time was at the Kanona Pilot travel plaza to fuel up again and to let dad know how close that we were.

Overall the drive went better than expected but we were very thankful to be pulling into dad’s a little after five.  We were so ready to be out of the car.

I set up the MacBook in the kitchen and got online right away to check in with work.  Shortly thereafter dad and I drove down to Pavilion and picked up pizza from the place that used to be Davis’ Pizza (I still have no idea what the name of that place is.)

We were very happy to have some dinner and get to relax with nothing to really do tonight.  We are very worn out.  We got off to bed at a decent time, probably around eleven.  The girls were awake a bit after we were, at least Luciana was.  They are so excited to be at grandpa’s.  The living room is, of course, strewn with toys.  Luciana runs into the house, opens the hall closet and has many toys out before we ever manage to even get up the stairs on most visits.