February 27, 2015: Glass Bottom Boat Night

It’s Friday!  Slept in late this morning.  Luciana was up at a normal time, around nine.  Liesl did not get up until half past noon!  She has not been getting enough sleep recently. We have been noticing her being pretty grumpy for days and we are not surprised that she needs a lot of sleep.

Dominica went out to do some shopping this morning.  That always takes her three hours at least.  It’s always a rush for her to get back to the house before I start work around noon.  I have a video conference call at noon every day to be on so she tries to be home to keep the kids occupied during that.  Otherwise they would be bopping into the call talking about their toys or chocolate milk or something.

Dominica got back and I worked all day.  Nothing too exciting.

This evening we ordered “in” dinner from Cheddars which Dominica and Francesca went and picked up for everyone.  We all ate and the food was pretty good, although my salmon was very overcooked, and then it was time for a movie.

Tonight’s movie was The Glass Bottom Boat with Doris Day.  Everyone liked it.

After that we watched the first episode of the second season of Father Ted.  Everyone enjoyed that too.

We also watched the Rick Steves Season Eight revisit to the Cinque Terre in Italy.  Brittany has been watching the original one but has not seen the current one (post mudslide.)

Then it was off to bed for everyone.