March 1, 2015: Dominica’s Shopping Day

I really slept in this morning.  It was after ten when I finally got up.  Considering how early I went to bed (just after midnight) this was a lot of sleep for me.  Dominica was up just a little bit ahead of me.  She, Francesca and Madeline are going out shoe shopping this morning.  Madeline needs tennis shoes (literally, for tennis) and I need dressy walking shoes for Europe because sneakers really don’t cut it there, although my new ones are pretty decent.

Luciana, as usual these days, got me out of bed demanding her chocolate milk right away.  It is like her coffee.  She is a bear until she has it and the moment she gets it she turns back into a little angel.  I wonder if she gets low blood sugar during the night or something.

Liesl slept in, probably until eleven.  She came right downstairs and watched The Simpsons with her aunt and uncle.  Then the girls played together on the stairs with their toys, being so good, all morning and into the afternoon.

Liesl came and asked me if she could do Ooka Island, her early literacy home school program, which she did for at least an hour at the kitchen table with Luciana watching her.  It is so awesome that they choose school, quite often, as their desired activity all on their own.  How many kids voluntarily choose school on a Sunday?  Liesl also asked me if we could do computer school later today!

Dominica was out shopping for about eight hours.  It was pretty crazy.  Around six she called to have me get the girls ready and to drive them over to the Grices’ so that they could watch Peter Pan and have dinner.  They had picked up baked potatoes from Joe’s BBQ for everyone.

It took me at least half of an hour to get the girls out of the door.  We got over there and popped in the movie and ate dinner.  The baked potato was very good.

I left everyone there and came back to the Toccos’ so that I could get some work done in the quiet, which worked out well.  I was expected them to call around seven thirty, maybe eight at the latest, for me to come and pick them all up as they were only going to watch the movie and come straight back over to the house.

While everyone was gone I managed to do a MangoLassi user cleanup task that has been needing my attention (or someone’s) for months.  I had to go through six thousand user accounts and delete all but two hundred and sixty of them that were legitimate, human users.  Rather a bit of manual work.  All cleaned up now, though.  Hopefully I did not delete any real people.

It was nearly ten when Dominica had me come pick everyone up.  We got straight back home and got the girls off to bed.  Once the girls were in bed we caught up on The New Girl and The Mindy Project and then Dominica was tired and was straight off to bed.

I stayed up for a while.  I have an odd schedule this week and shifting to being up late will be good for me until late in the week.

This ends our next to last weekend all here together as a family.  Next weekend is our last weekend in Texas before the family heads to Florida.  Hard to believe that our time in the US (for this cycle) is nearly over!