March 16, 2015: MASH and Dogs

Four day to go.  It is starting to seem a little bit real now.  A little big of panic is starting to set in as I realize all of the things that need to be done before I leave on Friday evening.  Time is really running out.  I can’t believe how little time is left (nor how much needs to be done before then.)

Today, mostly I just work at the house.  I did not go anywhere and I just ate leftover food bits around the house like the remaining sliced Swiss cheese.  A pretty boring day.

I watched several episodes of M*A*S*H this evening.  I’m really surprised by how much I really enjoy that show.  I always liked it, but I am now at an age where the combination of the humour of it and the nostalgia really come together for me.

The dogs are a bit better today.  They are sleeping with me now and resting much of the day which is helping to keep me from going completely crazy.