March 2, 2015: Beginning of a Shifted Week

I was up quite late last night and slept in till after ten this morning.  Have to adjust my schedule for later in the week.  Tuesday night is going to be a little rough.

Today was very slow at work.  We had our morning meeting and found out that since we are working overnight tomorrow night that we will be effectively off all day tomorrow and Wednesday so that we can handle the overnight.

We had a pretty relaxing day.  It was mainly just us at the house.  I worked, Dominica started reading a new book series that she is now addicted to.

This afternoon Clara came over and played for a long time.  The three girls are quite a trip all together.  They are three peas in a pod.  Loud and rambunctious and tearing the house apart, though.

The girls watched Alice in Wonderland together, although none of them paid any attention to it.  They were too interested in playing most of the evening.

Dominica and I caught up on Sleepy Hollow after Clara had gone home and our girls had gone to bed. We are now completely caught up on our Hulu shows.