March 5, 2015: Slow, Sleepy Day

I slept in till around eleven.  I am not overly tired today but I am not fully rested either.  Doing fine, not bad at all.  It was a short morning before starting work at noon.

Work was very slow today.  Since we had the overnight work last night, or two nights ago, however you look at that, we have most of our normal work postponed this week and have pretty much nothing to do today or tomorrow.  So very relaxing.  I spent a bit of the day working on ElasticSearch, LogStash and Kibana projects.

This evening Joe brought the projector back home.  He managed to get it repaired for just $80 which is so much less than they had been expecting.  So he got it hooked back up in the theater and he and Brittany went out and watched movies for the entire evening.  They have been theater deprived.  You don’t really realize how much you miss having a home theater until you don’t have one all of a sudden.

Dominica and I started watching That Seventies Show from the beginning again.  I have a feeling that we have not watched it since before the kids were born.  Such a great show.

Dominica was sick this evening.  Francesca has been sick this week and at first we thought that it was Dominica’s imagination but she ended up actually being sick today.  Hopefully no one else catches it around here.