March 7, 2015: Little Sleep, Burning Nose

This “morning” I woke up very early with my nose (not my sinuses) just burning.  I get this sometimes from the CPAP.  I believe it happens when my CPAP gets a little loose and the air blows on a single spot in nose all night in a certain way that really, really irritates it or something to that effect.  What it feels like is that I wake up breathing something akin to diesel fumes and it just burns.  Once this happens I am done for the day.  There is no fixing this until I get a chance to sleep again.  It is horrible.  It makes my nose burn and run continuously, to a point that I am almost completely dysfunctional, and makes me sneeze regularly.

It was around three in the morning, with only two hours of sleep, that this happened.  So my day started very, very early and I was quite tired.  I have been a little low on sleep all week, even not counting the night that I worked an overnight, so this was not good timing.

So I did a lot of work early this morning since I was stuck in a dark, quiet house with nothing else really to do.  I was at my desk nearly all day.

This morning around nine Francesca swung by and picked up Dominica and they ran errands all morning and into the afternoon.  I did not see them nor hear from them again until about three when they got back to the house.  It was just me and Liesl and Luciana for most of the day.

Dominica and Francesca did some work, maybe an hour, on stuff for the Florida trip that is later this week.  Then they set up the theater, which Joe got fixed on Thursday, and started a Harry Potter movie marathon, starting with the third movie in the series.  On the Florida trip the family is all going to Universal Studios which is home to the supposedly unbelievable Harry Potter Experience and that is going to be a major component of their trip so they wanted to see the movies again and they wanted to refresh them for the kids because they are all so young that they only kind of remember them.  Liesl and Luciana barely know what Harry Potter is at all.  So all of the kids were out in the theater too.

I went out and watched the first movie and a good portion of the second film (actually the fourth in the series since they started on three) but I was starting to fall asleep while sitting out there and could not keep going.  So at eight thirty I went up to bed and was out like a light.  Good thing that I did, I really needed the sleep.

Tonight is daylight savings time.  So short night tonight in case anyone forgot.

At some point Luciana sneaked into bed with us.  But I was so oblivious to everything going on that I have no idea when that might have happened.