March 8, 2015: DST

After having gone to bed so early last night I was up at one thirty this morning and could not go back to sleep because my nose was starting to burn and I knew that if I tried sleeping any longer that I would cause the same CPAP initiated problems that plagued me yesterday.  So I just got up.  I got about five hours of sleep so it wasn’t exactly terrible.  But I was still tired.

At some point in the evening, Luciana had managed to sneak into our room and find a spot in the bed.  I have no idea how she managed to convince Dominica to let her do this.  Maybe she went to bed early and I did not realize it.  When I got up, Liesl was still awake watching her shows.  After I had been up for half an hour or so she came out and asked me to take her into our room and help her get into bed there (because it was too dark and she couldn’t find her way through the room on her own) because she didn’t want to sleep alone in her own room.  So she took my spot in the bed and the three girls slept there till morning while I went out and sat at my makeshift office in the billiards room.

This morning is the shift to daylight savings time so I was awake to watch that happen.

Another insanely busy morning on MangoLassi.  I have no idea what caused it but a spike to nearly 9,000 views per hour in the middle of a weekend night is completely crazy.  I cannot believe the level of traffic that we are sometimes seeing now.

This morning I ran out to Waffle House and picked up breakfast for everyone, including for Francesca, who was not at the house yet.  Dominica and I ate breakfast but I had noticed that I was so ridiculously tired while picking up the food that I knew that I needed to go back to sleep so I ate and went to bed before the girls got up and before Francesca arrived.

I ended up sleeping for about seven hours.  It was early evening by the time that I woke up.  I felt so much better.  I needed that sleep so badly.  Finally I am fully awake and my nose feels all better too.

Once I was awake we went out to theater and Dominica and I watched the final two Harry Potter movies.  She and Francesca had watched the fifth and sixth installments while I was asleep.

I forget just how awesome the last two movies are.  They are so moving and I am not sure that I have ever seen them in the theater like this.  They were great.  Even though I have seen them several times now, they are still awesome.

As soon as the movies were over it was time for us to go to bed.  Dominica is still not 100%.