March 10, 2015: Luggage is “In Motion”

Today is a major day for us, at least mentally.  Dominica spent nearly the entire day doing the final rounds of packing – there is so much to do.  And tonight, once it was pretty late, she went over to Francesca’s with all of our luggage and packed it into the Grices’ truck.  This is it, basically everything that we are going to have in Europe has been packed and loaded into the vehicle to begin the journey.  The wheels are now truly in motion.  Mentally, our luggage has started “shipping to Europe” already, even though in actuality it will just sit in the car down the street for three days.  But it is out of our hands now and the trip has begun.

Normal work day for me.  Slept in a little and then got to work around eleven, about an hour before the morning standup meeting.  It’s Tuesday today.  Only three days until the family leaves for their vacation in Florida.  It’s starting to be big time panic around here to get everything done before it is time to leave. Because I am staying behind for an extra week it is really easy to forget just how “final” everything is at this point.  I only get to travel with a suitcase and my carry-ons come next Friday.

This evening was very busy with Dominica spending the entire evening dealing with travel logistics and me watching the girls.