April 26, 2015: Family Movie Night

Today is our last day in Córdoba.  Our awesome landlords did not make us check out this morning like we have had to have done everywhere else that we have stayed but were able to check out whenever we wanted.  So we stayed until mid-afternoon.

It rained last night, thankfully I heard it and got up and closed the windows so that it would not rain in on us.  Dominica and I loved our corner bedroom where we could have windows, very large ones that you can step out of onto the balcony, open on either side.  And they have cool double doors that allow you to block out the rain while still allowing a ton of air through.  These are really designed for the summer to insulate against the summer heat, Córdoba is the hottest city in all of Europe, after all, but work great for rain too.

It was cold and dreary this morning when we got up.  We wanted food and were afraid that it was going to rain again.  We loved the food at Casa Rubio so much that we went right back there again this morning.  We were unsure if they would be open as early as we wanted to go there to eat so Dominica sent me out to walk down there and see if it was open before we dragged Liesl out of bed and had the girls walk there.  They were open, so we got ready and went to lunch.

Lunch was awesome too.  We got the same potatoes that we had loved two nights ago and the aubergines too.  Liesl got the fish that they had liked.  Luciana tried “Choco Frito” which she has not had since we were in Barcelona in 2012 but she loved it then.  It is fried cuttlefish in the style that calamari is often done in the U.S.  She loved it, it is very similar to calamari so that worked out perfectly.  Everyone loved their food.  It started raining just a little bit while we sat outside having lunch.  We were all huddled under the umbrella.

After lunch we went to a local artisan ice cream parlour that we had found on our wanderings yesterday.  The ice cream was great and it started to pour while we were eating it.  So we stayed inside and got coffee to wait for it to die down a little.  It was really coming down.

Then we went back and packed up the apartment, it was raining but not heavily.  We left there at two thirty waiting for there to be a break in the rain that had started while we were eating.  Unfortunately we barely stepped outside before it started to pour again.  We stood under some trees trying to reduce how wet we were getting but we were pretty wet by the time that we got to the garage with the car.

Getting out of the city was pretty easy.  Instead of heading to one of the big roads, we took the N-432 to the south east out of town.  This turned out to be an excellent choice because the entire drive was very slow and casual with almost zero traffic and spectacular views of Andalucia.  It was a great drive and it was shorter in distance and better gas mileage than if we had taken the highway and only a few minutes longer.  It was a great choice.  We loved the drive.

We came through Granada and switched to the A44 that we normally use to get down to La Alpujarra.

After being away so much of the week we were all very happy to be back in our village and into our house where we could just relax.

We set up everyone in the living room and I got us “The Love Bug” and we had a family movie night!  This is the first time that Dominica or I have watched a show since before they all went to Disney World in the middle of March!  We have so completely adjusted to not having television or shows here that we really don’t even think about it at all.  There is always so much to do.

The girls loved “The Love Bug”.  They have never seen any of the Herbie movies before.  Liesl was especially happy that we had a family movie night.  I had to miss a lot of the movie as I had to make three pizzas for the family while we watched the movie.  THREE!  Talk about some hungry kids.  Each of the girls ate three quarters of a pizza on their own, or more.

After the movie was over we sent the girls off to bed.  Then Dominica and I watched the first episode of season three of “The Love Boat.”  Then it was off to bed for us too.  We were all pretty tired.