April 28, 2015: Luciana’s Stomach Bug

We thought that Liesl was going to be okay today after getting a long night’s sleep but she said that her neck was still hurting her today, too.  That’s not good.  She did seem to be a little better, though.  Dominica had her do ABCMouse for school today for a few hours.  But Liesl basically spent the entire day in the guest bedroom laying down trying to feel better.

Because Liesl was not feeling well, we really had a pretty slow day.  Could not go anywhere.

In the early afternoon, Luciana came upstairs and casually said that her stomach did not feel very well.  But that was it, a casual comment as she walked by.  She did not act sick or complain or anything.  Just this really casual, in passing comment about her stomach.

Then, in the early evening, Luciana suddenly got sick while hanging out in the bed with Liesl.  It was pretty horrible.  All over the bed, the iPad that they had been using, all over herself, me when I ran to get her, the floor, the bathroom…. it was pretty bad.  Thankfully she did not act like it was too awful.  She didn’t act sick before it happened and the moment that it was over she said that she felt fine!  Talk about a trooper.

Luciana agreed to go lie down in the living room.  Dominica made her a bed there and Luciana was asleep in minutes.  We spent a lot of time cleaning up.  Dominica had to do an emergency, nighttime load of laundry.  We had to take a chance on putting the laundry out on the line at night as there was no way that it should wait until tomorrow.  Fingers crossed.

Dominica spent the evening in the living room watching over the slumbering Ciana.  She got a lot of sleep.  Impressive how easily she can sleep while sick.

We thought that maybe she was fine and that that was it once she slept for a long time and Dominica thought that maybe she could sleep in her own bed.  But just before it was bed time she threw up again – and tried to stay asleep!  She fought us when we tried to clean her up.  Talk about a heavy sleeper.

So Dominica slept on the same floor as Luciana.  Liesl slept down in the basement with me.  Liesl thought that that was great fun.

I fell asleep on the early side.  Liesl was up watching her iPad when I fell asleep.  I have no idea how late she was up.