April 6, 2015: Upgraded Internet

Just a nice, quiet day in our home village today.  I was the first one up, long before anyone else.  I opened up the house and found that we were up in the clouds this morning.  No sun, no anything, just a dense fog obscuring even much of town itself.  It was very nice but only forty eight degrees which was pretty chilly.

I set myself up on the terraza with my fleece on and got started trying to get SGL updated and our weekend pictures uploaded to Flickr.

I worked for an hour or two before everyone started waking up.  As the sun came up it slowly burned off the clouds and by afternoon it was bright but still pretty hazy.

At ten this morning our tech from the ISP in Granada arrived to install our new Internet connection!  This is very exciting.  We ended up having to have a dish antenna installed on the side of the house and our connection changed from connecting to the little tower at the top of town to instead connecting to the big, giant tower on top of the mountain to the south.  Our connection was given a four fold boost in download speed and a twenty times increase in upload speed!  What a difference this is going to make.

I did a lot of writing this morning.  For lunch we just cooked up some pizza for Liesl and fish fingers for Luciana.  Of course they never want the same thing at the same time.  Liesl ended up having three peanut butter and jelly sandwiches throughout the day today too.  That girl was hungry!

It was pretty cold all day.  By the evening we came inside and even closed up the house because it was so cold.  I hate having to do that.  I like having the continuous fresh air.

The girls put on their new Flamenco dresses and modeled them tonight.  I got pictures posted right up to Flickr and Facebook.  They are so cute.  Those pictures are the highlight of the day.

Most everyone was into bed around eleven.  I had a ton of work to do and was mostly being productive so ended up staying awake until nearly three in the morning getting work done for the office.  It was a really long, exhausting day for me.