April 9, 2015: Maybe Our First Truly Normal Day in Spain

It started raining, the first real rain for us since the day that we arrived and it was raining so much, before I went to bed last night and it rained all night.  This morning I found the outside world very wet and Cáñar completely encased in the clouds.  No sun at all this morning.

It is much colder and I used the kitchen table to work today instead of going outside.  It is too cold and wet to think about doing that.

A very quiet day for us today.  We did nothing special.  I had a lot of work to do so was a the table all day.

It is Thursday and work ended up being very slow this evening.  There was a lot going on and many people were out sick so no one had any time to work with me which left me kind of stuck for much of the day.  So I did not stay up nearly as late tonight and was able to get to bed at a more reasonable time, around one or two in the morning.

Tomorrow is Friday.  We are staying home tomorrow but will be traveling first thing Saturday morning to go to Sevilla.

Today has to be a really “normal” day.  We have settled in.  We are pretty much used to everything.  We are really just not starting to get the hang of being a family in Spain and what that means and how we deal with it.  The kids are just treating every day as normal now.  It is working well.

Did four lessons on DuoLingo today.