May 14, 2015: Back in Spain

Today is Thursday and my first day back in Spain after my three days away in London.  It is great to be back.  London is nice and all but it is not my scene for any length of time, especially not when I am the one paying for my time to be there.  The hotels, food, transportation and everything else are just way too much.

Now I have time to hang out with Shawn and Rachel again.  Half of the time that they have been staying with us I have not been around so I have missed a lot of chances to hang out with them.

Today was a busy work day for me, after three days disconnected from the office there is an awful lot of me to be catching up on.

The weather was great today and I have missed our terrace.  It was super windy, though.  Dominica came up and tried to use her laptop on the terrace too.  It was so windy that the wind was moving her screen on her making it impossible to do anything.  At one point Dominica sat a bottle of water next to my computer.  I moved it seconds before the wind blew it over.  That was always really bad.  It was so windy that at one point bread that we were eating got picked up and went flying and hit me in the head!

Once work was finally done it was a quiet night to catch up on sleep.  Dominica and I watched some of The Love Boat before heading off to bed.