May 4, 2015: Our First Visitor to Spain

Today is Monday.  Tonight Ryan is arriving from New York.  He left last night and spent most of today exploring Oslo, Norway.  He has an eight hour layover there and is walking the city and taking a boat tour of the local fjord.

I had to work early in the day so that I would be able to drive out to Malaga this evening.  Dominica spent the day doing a lot of cleaning too.  Thankfully she can clean for many hours after I leave as it is a four hour or more round trip to Malaga.

Ryan’s flight to Spain ended up getting delayed just a little so I really was able to easily put in a full day at the office and did not have to leave early or anything.  I didn’t work late but I didn’t quit early either.

It was just after eleven at night when I pulled out of Cáñar and started my drive towards Malaga.  I took the Órgiva route on the A346 to the A44 and down to Salobreña, where we were last evening, and west on the A7 / E15.  The drive is a very easy one and the same one that we did our very first night as we arrived in Spain, but in reverse.

I had to get gas to be able to make it to Malaga but all of the gas stations in La Alpujarra region were closed and there is nothing on our section of the A7.  I had to go quite a ways before finding something but thankfully once you get to the Costa del Sol there are twenty four hour gas stations regularly.

I managed to make it all of the way through Malaga without needing to use a GPS.  In fact the GPS was all wrong and would have taken me all kinds of wrong places.  Getting to the airport was pretty easy.  My timing was really good too as Ryan was just ready for me as I pulled in.

Ryan was pretty exhausted having been up for nearly thirty six hours when I picked him up.  He had spent this morning in Oslo taking a quick tour of the city.

It was nearly three when we got to the house and about four when everyone got to bed